" They walked a long way, for a very long time through the desert, until they arrived by the sea. They collected some shells, then went back to their village. Along the way, they made holes in the sand to store the shells. This is how was born the game, shells in holes. "

Ghanaian legend


Awale (a wa ley) : masculine

      Strategic board game found within several African cultures. Inspired by the senet from antique Egypt, it had crossed the borders from Middle East to West Africa, carried by travelers over time, according to the legend.

      Also means "love one another" in dida, one of the sixty ethnic groups in Côte d’Ivoire (ko di vwar), West Africa.


      Awale studio tells stories … stories about girls and boys … clothes and everyday life …

Concerning our process of creation, we are seeking for a rigorous and mastered craftsmanship. So, it is by associating traditional know-how and contemporary techniques that we set up an ethical and qualitative mode of production, affordable for our clients.


For that, one of our fabrics is made from cotton grown-up in Khorogo, north Côte d’Ivoire. Traditionally cultivated, it is hand-spun by women of the village, then handwoven by men.

Our dyed fabrics are entirely realized from natural pigments, in collaboration with some craftsmen in Grand-Bassam, south-east Côte d’Ivoire.

Also realized in Grand-Bassam, our jewels are made from bronze, a copper and tin alloy, according to the lost wax casting process.


Awale studio designs are cut and assembled in our workshops in Abidjan.

Then, they travel ... and live with whom will wear them.

Awale studio

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