" I went back to Abidjan. Where summer lasts all year. Where I was born and raised, living in "Plateau", the central district. It was swarming with people 24/7, and this is what I wanted to represent. The idea of always rushing from a point to another. Stoping at some street corner to get refreshments or hear the last piece of news on the waiter’s radio. All the while wearing comfortable clothing, with a twist of chic.

A breath of fresh air. Bright colours, airy shirts, sportswear, logos ... all that things we find in the 90’s culture I grew up with.

I want people wearing ETE89 to feel like they are on "la Corniche" in Dakar, "Raouche" in Beirut, or "la Croisette" in Cannes ; wherever they feel like summer is refreshing. "

Jad Fardon – Creative director

Awale studio

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