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“Here I’m sharing poetry and romance. Paris was very cold while I was drawing the collection, and I felt very nostalgic of my chilhood’s sunny beaches. I remembered those fishermen villages and their outfits, not intentional, but yet so interesting. In french, “Presqu’île” means “Peninsula”.

I wanted to create an effortless and natural happiness. Kind of rustic, but chic at the same time.
100 % handmade out of natural cotton threads woven one by one, the material is unique, then embellished with different craftsmen techniques in order to make “La presqu’île“ a real manifesto of west-african savoir-faire.
The pattern that has inspired me the prints, embroideries, and jewels comes from the sand dollar, a shell found on ivorian coasts.

The palette of colors had to reflect poetry and celebration, with the shades of an exotic cocktail watching a breathtaking sunset.“





“The french expression “la bonne école” litterally means that you chose “the right school” to learn something and be good at it.

This story is inspired by the school environment i grew-up in, its playgrounds, codes and class jokes. I’m a uniform lover in general, and this thematic was perfect to approach that subject.

Most of west african elementary schools ask the children to wear gingham, which you’ll find on the items details and linings.
Also, i went on a very restrictive palet of colors, composed of white, beige and navy blue, just like our middle school uniforms. Being a 90’s child, i didn’t forget about logos, which are a must. And finally, a geometric pattern reminding of high school tartan.

As usual, i worked on simple and wearable designs, with a twist of chic, all shot with an analog camera. Pleats and straight cuts are going alongside tee-shirts, sweaters, and double belts, in reference to teenagers who want to show-up their underwear.“



01 ETE89


"I went back to Abidjan. Where summer lasts all year. Where I was born and raised, living in "Plateau", the central district. It was swarming with people 24/7, and this is what I wanted to represent. The idea of always rushing from a point to another. Stoping at some street corner to get refreshments or hear the last piece of news on the waiter’s radio. All the while wearing comfortable clothing, with a twist of chic.

A breath of fresh air. Bright colours, airy shirts, sportswear, logos ... all that things we find in the 90’s culture I grew up with.

I want people wearing ETE89 to feel like they are on "la Corniche" in Dakar, "Raouche" in Beirut, or "la Croisette" in Cannes ; wherever they feel like summer is refreshing."





"I wanted to get back to the places of my childhood in Côte d'Ivoire during the 90's. The goal was to observe people practising these places, their daily habits and tastes in clothing. Blockhaus is, by the way, a district in Abidjan.

It is a kind of introduction experimenting the idea of "clothing life", with no season and almost no gender.

This is the story of the shirt in which you feel really good looking on sundays, then that you wear to go work. This one that becomes softer and comfortable more and more you wash it, so much that you would leave it for nothing."