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This first capsule is inspired by the school’s environment in West-Africa. We used childhood and classroom codes such as the equation « 0+0 =0 » as a tribal mask hand-dyed in indigo, some vichy reminding school uniforms of the region, and conjugation tenses as a « power of now » message to keep in mind that we must live in the present moment. 

We trusted Samar Seraqui de Buttaffoco’s eye for an editorial by sea in Assinie, Côte d’Ivoire.




A grigri is a talisman or a voodoo amulet that protects its owner from bad luck and brings him happiness. We gave it the shape of a cowrie, this very trendy shell symbolizing fertility, wealth, and happiness in West-Africa.
Each #AWLgrigri is a unique bronze cowrie, ethically handmade from a real shell by craftsmen in Grand-Bassam, south-east Côte d’Ivoire, using the lost-wax casting process. Then it is polished and gold-plated with love.

As a unisex bracelet, a choker or a newly made ankle bracelet, our grigri cowries are definitely a signature and our best-seller accessories.




At Awale studio, we seek skilled and experienced craftsmanship. It is by sourcing our materials locally, combining traditional « savoir faire » and contemporary techniques, that we have created an ethical and qualitative mode of production, offering you a unisex fashion and lifestyle items.

One of our fabrics is made of organic cotton grown in Korhogo, north Côte d'Ivoire. Cultivated in the local traditional way, it is hand-spun by women of the village, then handwoven by men.
Our tie and dyes are realized from natural pigments, in collaboration with craftsmen in the region of Grand-Bassam, south-east of the country.




A few time ago, Queen B showed up in our Dijo crop top, an effortless oversize shirt with puffy sleeves to wrap around and tie on the belly.
The dyeing made from natural pigments is inspired by the traditional camouflage pattern.

For this new capsule we decided to decline this master piece in an easily wearable basic, the Tuba crop-top handmade with love in a white cotton fabric.




By being based in Paris and creating our workshops in Côte d’Ivoire where we work with local artisans, our goal is to offer our customers a unisex fashion and lifestyle items handmade with love, in a sustainable and qualitative mode of production.

Wherever you are and feel to show off with our designs, no worries, we are worldwide shipping !